Help Us Help The Planet

At Palm & Able, in addition to our social enterprise mission, we value sustainability.

If you make a trip to our brick-and-mortar store, you may see earrings fastened to squares of magazine paper. At checkout, fragile items are wrapped in newspaper or donated tissue paper and placed into a reused, reusable, or paper bags.

Behind the scenes, hangers, bags, and tags are put to reuse. This is because we truly believe in increasing the ways we can contribute to sustainable living.

Purchasing thrifted goods reduces global waste. Every year, an astonishing 85% of textiles are dumped into landfills (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe UNECE). We are striving to eliminate our textile waste contribution. Donated goods we are unable to sell in our store and are in good condition are donated to local community organizations. For not so usable items, we had to get creative.

Palm & Able has recently partnered with a downcycling company for clothing, textiles, and shoes that are unusable. This company saves textiles from landfills by reusing, upcycling, and recycling items.

Downcycling textiles is one more way to help reduce carbon emissions, save water, and electricity.

We are now accepting all clothing, all seasons, year-round. If you have one shoe, throw it in your donation bag. We will be happy to recycle it at Palm & Able.

If you are considering donation, please contact us at the store during our updated hours. Reaching out in advance helps determine if an appointment is needed and makes a smooth transition. Thank you for your support.

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