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Kelly Full Of Joy!: A Love Syndrome by D.J. O'Connor

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D. J. O’Connor has kept a journal of amusing family stories for more than forty-five years. Whenever family, friends, or guests come over, he adds some tales. Many of the stories involve his sister-in-law, Kelly, who has Down syndrome. Her perspective on life is refreshing, positive, and sometimes hilarious. Her special life has touched so many people. To her, every man is “very handsome” and every woman is “beautiful.” The rest of us are more judgmental, but Kelly looks more deeply into the total person. To her, everyone has value. She looks only at the good in someone, and she has little interest in the negative. She assumes that people view her the same way—although she has had to deal with thoughtless people who stare because of differences in appearance. In this book, the author celebrates his special sister-in-law, including her wondrous ability to make everyone laugh and appreciate each day. Take a short walk in her shoes. They are so comfortable!