Our Mission

The story behind Palm & Able - picture of banner displayed behind the checkout counter at the Shelton store. Palm & Able believes a community is stronger when people of all abilities are empowered to contribute. Our store operations, both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar, provide training and meaningful employment to people with disabilities.

Palm & Able honors the legacy of Evelyn Kennedy and a small group of parents who, in 1951, refused to allow their children with disabilities to be institutionalized and pushed aside. Gathering at Evelyn’s home on Palm Street in Bridgeport, CT those parents founded The Kennedy Center, a Connecticut-based not-for-profit that has grown to provide a lifespan of services to thousands of people with diverse abilities.

In 2019, The Kennedy Center launched Palm & Able as a social enterprise honoring Evelyn’s accomplishments and building upon the opportunities she helped create. The “Able” recognizes the talents and skills of the people who work for us and are thriving through unique economic opportunities.

Click the link to learn more about The Kennedy Collective.

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