Natural Solutions

Introducing SafePass Clean Air, a remarkable solution through The Kennedy Collective, designed to provide a secure and natural method for purifying indoor spaces. By effectively eliminating harmful bacteria, germs, viruses, and mold, this groundbreaking innovation ensures a cleaner and healthier environment. Discover the power of SafePass Clean Air today.

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Our Mission

Palm & Able, a social enterprise of The Kennedy Collective, believes a community is stronger when people of all abilities are empowered to contribute. Palm & Able honors a legacy of trailblazers and is committed to building a future of new opportunities through training, employment and community engagement.

Thrift away for all proceeds benefit the programs and services of The Kennedy Collective.

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We are happy to accept a prestigious award for being highly recommended by happy customers such as yourselves. In helping encourage employment among our community has enabled us to be featured on their site in the Trumbull area in the category of Thrift with a superb rating of 4.8.

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